The Gentle Mom

It’s amazing how some people can make such a strong first impression. The more I learn about energy, I think it plays an important role in first impressions. All I mean by energy, is that vibe you get when someone walks into the room. You know how you can feel the tension if they are in a bad mood? You can just feel their negative energy? Or when someone walks in on top of the world, and it just immediately makes you feel on top of the world too? People emit their energy both positive and negative into the world. Positive thinking, exercise, and healthy foods can all raise the frequency in your body making you feel good and allowing you to radiate those positive vibes also. Simply thinking negative thoughts can lower your frequency real fast. We have so much power in our minds! Let us be careful to use our thoughts wisely.

This is also why it’s so important to take good care of ourselves. Lack of sleep, lack of movement, all of these things keeps our energy stagnant and low. Get your body moving- even if it’s just to take out the garbage or change over laundry 3 times like I do every day! Pay attention to where you are at.

I met somebody new yesterday. I don’t even know if I will ever see her again, but she had such a positive energy about her. And maybe it was because she caught me in a negative rut yesterday. It was the witching hour, 5 PM. Where all children are screaming and only want more snacks, their ears burn at the sound of the word “supper” which is only a half hour away. They just want SNACKS. All the snacks! And they can no longer handle themselves, they throw their bodies onto the floor or onto their nearest sibling. In yesterday’s case, several nerf guns went into captivity because they were being used as projectiles. Everyone was reaching their highest octave of screaming and losing their ever loving s-h-i-t. Dude I lose mine at this time of the day.

Earlier yesterday morning, I was arranging to meet with someone to purchase some clothes from an online garage sale group. I’m a sucker for deals. Especially when it was a bunch of gently used Maurices jeggings, a couple cute shirts & a jean jacket that looks brand new! All of my cute fall stuff from last winter is still too snug on this postpartum Mama, so I wanted to try these cute clothes on to make sure they’d work. This woman offered to bring them to my house for me to try on. Which normally would freak me out, but we had a few mutual friends and she was a Mom herself so I felt comfortable. Also, my husband literally works like 50 yards away from the house outside. Anyway, she came over last night at 5 pm. I had a fresh cartoon on and handed the kids fruit snacks as she walked in hoping they would sit quietly and inhale their fruit snacks slowly enough for me to quickly try on some clothes. Please don’t throw a Nerf gun at her or anything of the sorts.

I could hear her making conversation with the kids and honestly she didn’t even do anything overly that special. She just got down to their level and listened to them. She counted dice with my daughter and reminded my 5 year old that he would need to earn his nerf guns back. She mentioned to me how she had 4 kids herself and how quickly it really does go by and to just appreciate them while they’re little.

I find myself in a frenzy most days. Quickly hurrying along and accomplishing as many things as I can possibly fit into my day. I don’t like to sit and be still. God calls us to Be Still and he calls us to be Gentle Moms. She was at my house all of 10 minutes but she reminded me by example to calm down, get down at their level, and to relax. I have such a hard time stopping during the day. I just want to keep working on laundry or on my business or anything productive. But I need to keep mind of my most important job and to do so gently and at the highest frequency possible.

Did you know that essential oils have higher frequencies than any fruit or vegetable, or any positive thought? Einstein himself said that when two frequencies are brought together, the lower will always rise to meet the higher. This is the principle of resonance.

After I pried my kids out of the women’s driver seat, we proceeded to play Ring around the Rosie barefeet in the grass and I didn’t do a darn thing except for play with my kids last night. Thank you Gentle Mom, and thank you for the 10 pieces of very gently used clothing that actually make me look and feel good, all for $60 delivered to my door.

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