He’s Home!

Life on the farm is complete bliss. Most of the time. My husband can make his own hours and living on the farm means he is rarely more than a four wheeler ride away. Probably my favorite part about my husbands job is the fact that even though he’s working, we are still always able to see him. We can ride along in the tractor or disc bine (my personal favorite), or tag along on the Ranger to check crops or livestock. Or we can spend as much time in the barn during milking as we want.

When I say, we, I mean myself & our three beautiful children age 3, 2 & “new” (now 2 months). I’ve been considering starting a “mom blog” for about 2 years now. Partially because my oldest son, Joey, is so unbelievably busy & smart & he creates such entertaining stories as he explores & tests cause & effect on this world. But the other reason, is because of the unique lifestyle I live and how several years ago, I myself went googling for farm wife blogs to find support & encouragement from other farm wife’s out there. And while I did find a few good ones, I still felt the urge to start my own. I have always loved writing, because it feels good to get it all out there. And I’m kind of awkward with verbal communication 🙂 More importantly this is such a special time in my life with small children and a blossoming marriage (4 years going strong) that it will be such a gift to have the best stories of my life written and saved forever. But most of all, I hope another new farm wife will stumble across this and be lifted up. After all, how many farm wifes do you really know now a days?

What pushed me to write this post tonight is the sense of excitement I felt hearing the disc bine start heading home & finally seeing the lights roll into the yard and feeling the relief of “he’s home”. I just wanted to share a cocktail and some lame reality TV with my husband who I hadn’t seen much today but then he came in and just looked beat and said he needed to go to bed. Some days the farm sucks the life right out of him. My heart sank. But I have to remind myself he hasn’t had more than 4-5 hours of sleep for at least a week. And the thing is, he would stay up all night every night just to talk to me. I know, because I’ve made him do it before. That was before I understood farm life.

I found it strange how many times in the first few months of dating that Jake would keep drilling me about the farm and if I could handle it. It’s because, no matter what, the farm does come first. Not in a “talk to the hand”, “gotta go”, “you don’t matter” way, but in a “this is our livelihood, our bread & butter”, “need to take care of business” kind of way. He has countless of times set aside farm work to take a load off of me and help with the kids, or delay “hauling shit” to take care of me when I’m sick. He has put me & the kids first every day that we need him to. But the rest of our daily life revolves around the farm. One year, I remember only just leaving at 11 pm, with our 4 month old son, to go for a 3 hour trip up north for Labor Day weekend because Jake had to help finish chopping corn. That’s the other thing about farming, you work together.

My husband farms alongside his Dad, Allan, who has ran the farm for over 30 years. My mother-in-law, Lorie, a now veteran farm wife & best in the county cookie baker, also helps milk during morning shift & as needed. Last but not least, my husband also has 3 younger siblings, Clayton, 16, Jenny, (almost) 15 & Sami 12 1/2, that are the most hard working and respectful kids you will ever meet. I could write a book about everything I’ve learned about farm life, beginning with my first lesson on tractor driving, from Jake’s then 8 year old sister, Jenny. She covered her face with her palm and raised her voice to me as I took a corner too sharp with a tractor & trailer and knocked down a few rows of corn. Whoops.

I can say with certainty that even still, I have a lot to learn about farm life. Thanks for reading, and I’d love it if you continued to follow my journey through the Dairy Wife’s Diary.

2 thoughts on “He’s Home!”

  1. This will keep me updated on you. I love learning about all you do. Your energy is so inspiring. Great writting. Anxiously awaiting the next installment.


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